Patty Carroll- Draped: Anonymous Women in Red Milk Magazine

by Irene Pazzanese March 3, 2017

Unnamed Chandelier

Tell us something about your background and how did you get into photography.

I was studying graphic design in college, and we had to take a photography course, which I loved. It also helped that my future boyfriend and I met in the darkroom, which added a very compelling note to studying. I completed a BFA in design, and went back for a year of graduate school after working in the industry for a couple of years. While in grad school, I became more interested in photography, (and not working for a design company.) I switched to graduate school at the Institute of Design at IIT, because my professor said that is where I should go! It was the best training ever. My teachers were all men, who had their own visions so solid that I understood from them what it means to find your own view of the world through photography.

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