Sharon Lee Hart- Lenscratch

by Linda Alterwitz February 11, 2016 Sharon Lee Hart is a photographer and educator based in Florida whose photography and mixed media works have been exhibited throughout the United States and internationally. Hart’s photographs from the series According to the Sky share a visual connection to water. Along with references to astronomy and mysticism, water […]

Patty Carroll- Anonymous Woman

Patty Carroll‘s latest photo series is simply breathtaking. By camouflaging the woman in drapery and/or domestic objects, she creates a dark and humorous game of hide-and-seek with the viewers. Read full article here Anonymous Woman

Patty Carroll- Fubiz

by Antoine March 15, 2017 The photographer, Patty Carroll, is back with her series “ Anonymous Women “. For 25 years she has been working on the image of women in the world. In this series of images, her vision is critical: the woman is invisible and fades into her home. A way for the […]

Patty Carroll's 'Anonymous Women' spotlights the binds of domesticity

by Abbey Schubert Growing up in the Chicago suburbs during the 1950s and '60s, photographer Patty Carroll lived in a homogeneous, harmonious bubble. By way of cookie-cutter houses, rigid gender norms, and midcentury notions of perfectionism and civility, Carroll came to know the suburbs as “fabricated places of solace,” as she writes in her artist's […]

Patty Carroll- Photomag

by Eva Clifford March 15, 2017 For most of history. Anonymous was a woman. – Virginia Woolf Chicago-based photographer Patty Carroll‘s most recent project Anonymous Women is made up of a series of staged photographs using models, drapery and household objects to address women and their complex relationship with domesticity. Having grown up in mid-century […]

Patty Carroll's Anonymous Women Portraits in Trendland

by Cyril Foiret Patty Carroll has been known for her use of highly intense, saturated color photographs since the 1970’s. Pará tocantins también se reunieron en su casa para med24horas celebrar la navidad. Similares aumentan el flujo sanguíneo hacia el pene, como el cialis generika alprostadil. Pour les internautes de trouver une pharmacie. Her most […]

Patty Carroll- Draped: Anonymous Women in Red Milk Magazine

by Irene Pazzanese March 3, 2017 Tell us something about your background and how did you get into photography. I was studying graphic design in college, and we had to take a photography course, which I loved. It also helped that my future boyfriend and I met in the darkroom, which added a very compelling […]

Patty Carroll- Draped: Anonymous Women in The Eye of Photography

by Myrtle Beauvert February 6, 2017 What drove you to start this project? The Anonymous Women project began while living in England, where my identity was determined by my domestic position. I found that in a more traditional culture than the United States, one’s domestic status often eclipses one’s professional or personal sense of self. […]

Patty Carroll- Draped: Anonymous Women in American Photo Magazine

by Jack Crager February 10, 2017 In her new photo book Anonymous Women, artist Patty Carroll mixes in several quotes from writers who provide pithy counterpoints to the vividly provocative imagery. Most of these have been contributed by friends and admirers of the project. The book’s epigraph, however, comes from the pen of Virginia Woolf: […]

Patty Carroll- Draped: Anonymous Women in Slate France “Domestic Erasure of Women (A Celebration)”

by Fanny Arlandis January 27, 2017 Read entire article here: Domestic Erasure of Women (A Celebration)