Patty Carroll- Draped: Anonymous Women “Interrogating the Relationship Between Selfhood and Home” in AnOther Magazine

by Charlotte Jansen January 27, 2017 The relationship between women and the home is a complex and storied one; from an early age we’re conditioned to take pride in our surroundings – and yet, the perceived frivolous femininity of home-making has more than a hint of patriarchal suppression about it. In this context, individual objects […]

Patty Carroll- Draped: Anonymous Women in Lifo Greece

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Internationally renowned artist Hunt Slonem’s artwork featured in new luxury handbag and scarf line from Parrisi.

KRIS JENNER CALLED IT: BUNNIES ARE GOING TO BE EVERYWHERE THIS SUMMER debuted Hunt’s collaboration with the designer Jason Wu for the new Grey Jason Wu collection.

Taylor Swift's new $40,000 a month rental in the West Village is full of Hunt's paintings, see the story that came out over the weekend in the NY Post.

Photo District News- Barbara Ciurej & Lindsay Lochman: Processed Views

By Rebecca Robertson- “Set against pastel pink and purple skies, the Martian-looking vistas in Barbara Ciurej and Lindsay Lochman’s “Processed Views: Surveying the Industrial Landscape,” were actually made much closer to home. Made to resemble 19th century views by Carleton Watkins, Ciurej and Lochman’s images are constructed from materials at “the frontier of industrial food […]

PhotoNOLA- Barbara Ciurej & Lindsay Lochman: Processed Views

Their project, Processed Views: Surveying the Industrial Landscape, was published online by Feature Shoot, CNN and the BBC in 2014 and subsequently appeared on blogs worldwide. The series was a finalist in the LensCulture Earth15 Awards and included in the outdoor installation, THE FENCE, in Brooklyn, Boston, Atlanta and Houston. Numerous exhibitions, magazines and publications […]

Inside New Orleans- Mallory Page: Knocking From the Inside

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LENSCRATCH- JT Blatty: Happy Dogs

By Aline Smithson- The best part of owning a dog is that they become our teachers and us, their students. The exuberant greeting after a few hours apart, the enthusiastic consumption of anything not locked down, and the joy of wide open spaces remind us to find happiness in small things. Photographer JT Blatty has […]