Imaginary Topographies

Martine Chaisson Gallery is pleased to present Imaginary Topographies, Marjorie Pierson’s fourth solo exhibition with the gallery. The show features 22 abstract Louisiana landscapes created with photography and digital collage, presented on sugar cane paper and recycled aluminum. Aerial photographs of the New Orleans coastline are rendered into multi-panel abstracts, and blended digitally with vintage textiles. Surfaces of abandoned Acadian buildings overtaken by nature are collaged into large, painterly landscapes, and combine with antique cartographic elements to create circular topographic maps. The exhibition tells the story of evolving coastal landscapes, local and global, and how we interpret our future within them.

Marjorie Brown Pierson (b. 1961, New Iberia, LA) is a visual artist focused on environment and identity. Her work is featured in the collections of the Ogden Museum of Southern Art in New Orleans, the Hilliard University Art Museum in Lafayette, LA, the Louisiana State Senate, and Duke University, where she created and taught a course on visual art and environmental advocacy. It has also been featured in Louisiana Cultural Vistas (now 64 Parishes), the North Carolina Literary Review, and Genetics in Medicine. In 2011, she published a volume of fine art photographs, Struck by Nature featuring the landscapes of North Carolina’s Bald Head Island.



What is your concept of Paradise? Is it a place, or a state of mind? Artist Marjorie Brown Pierson explores this question in Immersion, a new exhibition of fine art photographs. Marjorie Brown Pierson is a visual artist, author and lecturer based in Durham, North Carolina. Her fine art photographs explore the complexity of evolving […]

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