Sustainable Styles- “Interview: Hunt Slonem”

ss thumbnailBy Pamela Peeters
PP: You are known for your paintings of birds, monkeys, rabbits, butterflies and saints. You also create sculptures and art installations composed of the feathers of your birds. Your works are in more than 80 museums and the homes of even more celebrities and fine art collectors; do you ever ponder about the influence you have on other people. Do you think people open up to the power of nature and the spirit world thanks to your talent?

HS: I hope that through my work I am able to open a positive place in their psyche. My work is really about the Garden of Eden. I noticed as a child – growing up in Hawaii – that nature is a gift to this place. My work came from early childhood experiences. Now I get a dosis of inspiration from nature in Louisiana where I have two houses.

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